Exam Supervisor Guidelines

A suitable supervisor is an independent and trusted person such as:

  • human resources or training manager
  • a current qualified member of ANZIIF
  • a teacher or person working in the education field
  • a workplace manager to whom you do not directly report.

Importantly however, a supervisor cannot be a current student, direct manager, direct colleague or a friend or a family member.

To become an exam supervisor, you must complete the Supervisor Declaration Form.

Responsibilities of the exam supervisor

Prior to the exam, students will be sent guidelines explaining how to access the online examination portal, which can be accessed at any time on the specified date.

The exam has an automatic save function that runs every few minutes so if the exam times out before the student has a chance to click the ‘Complete’ button, reassure them that everything is saved.

The instructions section of the exam will provide students with a structure of their exam. The Exam Structure will be available to students in the learning portal at ANZIIF Learning.

Pre-exam Day

As a temporary exam supervisor, you must pre-arrange a suitable exam venue with the student(s) prior to exam day. Use the following checklist to ensure students have the best conditions possible.

Venue Checklist

  • Ensure rooms have good lighting
  • Ensure rooms are in a noise free area
  • Confirm sufficient numbers of computers, tables and chairs at least one week prior to exam day
  • Ensure that there is sufficient space between desks to allow the supervisor to walk 
  • Ensure that there is a reliable internet connection at venue

Exam Day

If a student loses their internet connection during the examination, contact ANZIIF to have the exam time extended for the individual. Students will be taken back to the last automatic save, which occurs every few minutes. 

Should you have any queries please contact our Customer Service team on (+61) 3 96137280 or New Zealand (toll free number) on 0800 103 675. Things to be mindful of during the examination include:

  • If they are not known to you, students must produce photo ID prior to the beginning of the exam.
  • As a supervisor, you are required to walk continuously around the examination room, including between the tables.
  • You must not engage in other activities during the examination such as reading books, performing administrative tasks, etc.
  • If you find a student engaging in academic misconduct during the examination such as cheating, talking, etc, instruct them to stop their examination immediately. Remove the student from the examination area and notify them that the incident will be handled by the Academic Misconduct Board. Inform them that they will have the opportunity to respond to the allegation of academic misconduct. They must then leave the premises. Please note the incident and email the Assessment team after the exam.
  • Students are not permitted to copy down or take screen captures of their exam questions. If a student wishes to query a question, they are to note down the question number only. You may contact ANZIIF for clarification if necessary.If a student becomes ill during an examination you must accompany them from the room. If possible please have a fellow staff member supervise any remaining students sitting exams at this time. You should stay with the ill student at all times and advise ANZIIF immediately of the situation immediately. If the student is able to resume their examination within 20 minutes they will be allocated extra time at ANZIIF’s discretion. If the student is unable to resume their exam within 20 mins please contact ANZIIF to reschedule their examination.
  • Students wishing to use the toilet must raise their hand and as supervisor, you must accompany them to the outer door of the toilets, wait for them and escort them back to the examination room.
  • You should be present in the exam room at all times. When there are multiple students sitting examinations at the same time where possible please ensure that you have a fellow staff member on stand-by should you need to leave the room.
  • If the examination is disrupted by external circumstances such as a power failure or severe external noise, note the time and attempt to rectify the situation. When the situation is rectified, ANZIIF may allocate extra time for the student to complete their exam. Please note the incident and email the Assessment team after the exam.
  • If an examination is disrupted due to a situation which cannot be rectified or in the case of an emergency   
    • stop the examination, noting the time
    • instruct students to stop typing and not to talk
    • evacuate the students as per venue evacuation procedures
    • contact ANZIIF for further instructions.