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As an ANZIIF member, you will join more than 17,000 professionals in 50 countries who believe in the importance of professionalism through continued learning and development.

ANZIIF's professional development provides industry leading education for Members and ANZIIF Membership is recognised globally as a sign of an insurance professional.

The skills gained to obtain Membership help you in understanding what it takes to be considered a professional in the insurance industry. Let us support your professional development and career with benefits such as access to premium content including articles, interactive activities, webinar recordings, white papers and videos.

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To check if your membership is up-to-date or to verify that your details are current, log in and visit Manage Membership

Renew your ANZIIF Membership

Membership renewal is due at the beginning of each calendar year. To renew your membership online, log in and visit Manage Membership.

Renew Today

You can also renew your ANZIIF membership over the phone or by downloading the Member 2023 Renewal Form and emailing a completed copy to our Customer Service team.

Reinstate your ANZIIF Membership

If you are a former member*, you can reinstate your membership now and gain access to membership benefits for 2023.

We will waive the admission fee to welcome you back to the largest community of insurance professionals in the Asia Pacific Region. 

Reinstate your membership with pro rata membership fees and gain access to all ANZIIF member benefits for the rest of 2023.

Reinstate Today

To reinstate your membership, login to your account or download the Membership Reinstatement form and email a completed copy to our Customer Service team.

*If you were a member in 2022, you will need to renew your membership.

Upgrade your Membership

If you are an existing member of ANZIIF and you complete a higher ANZIIF qualification or AQF equivalent, you can upgrade to a higher level of membership. You will be issued a new membership certificate and digital badge and can use the higher ANZIIF post-nominal. 

The Manage Membership page will display whether you are eligible for a membership upgrade and provide you with an easy method to do so. If you have completed studies outside of ANZIIF you can upgrade your membership by providing copies of your qualification certificate along with a completed Member Upgrade form.