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As an ANZIIF member, you will join more than 17,000 professionals in 50 countries who believe in the importance of professionalism through continued learning and development.

ANZIIF CIP (Certified Insurance Professional) members are professionals who have attained an ANZIIF qualification or recognised equivalent, who participate in frequent professional development and who adhere to the ANZIIF Code of Ethics.

ANZIIF Membership supports your professional development and career with a range of benefits such as premium content in the Members' Centre - Professional Development Hub. Membership gives you:

  • Recognition
  • Professional Development
  • Education
  • Community
  • Industry Initiatives

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Certified Insurance Professionals

Non-ANZIIF Accredited Qualifications

If you have completed a non-ANZIIF qualification and believe you are eligible for a level of membership higher than Allied membership, you will need to apply by mail using the Membership Election Form 2023 and supplying certified documentation.

In Australia, a certified copy is one that has been certified by a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. If the copy is to be certified outside Australia, it should be certified by a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in that country (e.g. a notary public).

International Qualifications and Reciprocal Membership

ANZIIF offers tailored membership options for graduates with relevant overseas qualifications. A range of international qualifications have been matched to ANZIIF membership levels. If your qualification is not listed you may apply to the Customer Service Team for an assessment of your membership eligibility.

CIP Member Digital Badges

ANZIIF have partnered with Credly to provide CIP members with a digital badge — a new way to validate skills and achievements digitally. ANZIIF CIP Members will be able to share this on LinkedIn and through other digital channels to verify this achievement with employers, clients, peers and the industry digitally. 


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International Membership Directory

ANZIIF Member Directories connect individuals and companies committed to industry development and excellence across South East Asia and Greater China. All ANZIIF CIP (Certified Insurance Professionals) members in South East Asia and Greater China are listed in the Member Directory.

View the 2023 South East Asia Member Directory

View the 2023 Greater China Member Directory

Confirmation of Membership

To check if a member of the public is a member of ANZIIF, contact the Customer Service Team. Please note that we respect the privacy of our members and will only be able to confirm member level and member status. For further information, see our privacy policy.

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