Membership Benefits

Professional Development opportunities ensure that members retain the high level of expertise and knowledge essential for reaching their career goals. ANZIIF provides an extensive library of technical articles, interactive online activities, a range of professional development events, and courses and qualifications to help CIP Members reach their 25 CIP points per year. 

ANZIIF Post-Nominal

Stand out from the crowd with your ANZIIF post-nominal and show your peers that you’ve got what it takes to excel. The use of an ANZIIF post-nominal is available to all member levels, except Student and Allied members.

Members Centre - Professional Development Hub

Gain access to an ever-growing collection of insurance and financial content designed to support your professional development. The Professional Development Hub, formally known as the Members' Centre, features a collection of articles, PD activities, videos, webinar recordings and more, on a range of topics, all designed to help you to maintain and develop your skills, knowledge and connections with 17,000 other ANZIIF members across the globe.

ANZIIF Webinar recordings

ANZIIF has a program of interactive webinars that gives you the flexibility to engage with industry experts from the comfort of your own learning environment. Visit for upcoming webinars and gain valuable industry insights and knowledge that are directly relevant to your field of work. ANZIIF Members premium access to all webinar recordings under Professional Development..

Fortnightly Newsletter

ANZIIF members receive fortnightly ANZIIF newsletters which contain, professional development activities and articles focused on technical information, soft skills, profiles and general career advice.

CIP Digital Badge

Digital badges are a secure way to display and share your professional achievements. By digitally certifying your ANZIIF CIP membership level you can verify with employers, clients, peers and the industry that your competencies are up to date and issued by a trusted provider, ANZIIF.

Digital badges help you gain recognition by allowing you to easily display and share your achievements. As they are available online they are portable and transparent, and the detail behind each badge means others can see what it took for you to earn the award.

Learn more about ANZIIF's Digital Badges

Professional Development Event Discounts

Focused on key learning outcomes, ANZIIF conducts approximately 35 professional development events in Australia, New Zealand and Asia during the year. ANZIIF members receive a 20 per cent discount at ANZIIF professional development events. Visit for a full list of events.


Faculties represent the specific industry qualifications and the career path of each member. Being a part of a Faculty allows you to engage with peers and receive updates on topics of interest based on your area of expertise. You can update your faculty in your account settings.

CIP Points Register

Members have access to ANZIIF’s online CIP points register, where you can record all of your continuing professional development points. 

The Journal

The longest-running and most widely-read insurance publication in the Asia-Pacific region, the Journal keeps members up-to-date on industry issues, trends, people and events. To support our members in the virtual landscape arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, ANZIIF has gone digital with Issues of the Journal in 2020 and 2021. You will receive a link for each Issue of the e-magazine published four times a year and can access articles online in the ANZIIF Members' Centre.