Careers in Insurance

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What is Careers in Insurance?

Developed and funded by the ANZIIF Corporate Supporter program, Careers in Insurance aims to inspire young people, career changers and other members of the community to see the diverse, challenging and rewarding opportunities the insurance industry has to offer.

Why was Careers in Insurance developed?

In 2014, ANZIIF conducted research into the widely shared view that there were significant skills shortages in the industry. Many explanations were put forward for this shortage, including the industry’s reputation, difficulty in attracting talent and the changing needs and expectations of today’s workforce. Companies across the industry reported that varying degrees of skills shortages were directly impacting operational expenditure and profitability.

From this research, and subsequent industry engagement, it became clear that a program was needed to attract young people into the industry, lift the profile of the insurance as a career choice and prepare the industry for the future by facilitating access to entry-level opportunities in the industry.

Careers in Insurance was born to provide insight, inspiration and access to opportunities in insurance, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a bright future for both the insurance industry and future insurance professionals.

What does the Careers in Insurance Program include?

To highlight and promote the diversity, breadth, opportunity and community aspects of the insurance industry, Careers in Insurance includes:

  • a website designed to appeal to Gen Z and Gen Y
  • grassroots awareness programs, including careers fairs and school and university presentations
  • the use of social media channels to communicate and engage with young people

Want to know more?

To join the Corporate Supporter program, please contact Mark Silveira on +61 3 9613 7249 [email protected]