The Corporate Supporter program was introduced to fund projects that benefit both the insurance industry and the public. The Corporate Supporter network comprises a diverse group of companies, large and small, who all have the same desire to see the industry and its people succeed.

The program offers opportunities to work together on projects that will:

  • promote and lift the profile of the insurance industry
  • support people working in the industry
  • assist communities to understand the important role that insurance and risk management plays in their lives

Current Corporate Supporter programs include:

  • Careers in Insurance
  • Why Risk It? - A school level financial literacy program 
  • Industry research

Corporate Supporter provided seed-funding to Know Risk, ANZIIF's financial education program, which is now a successful standalone project benefiting the community. 


As a Corporate Supporter, you will be contributing to programs that benefit the whole industry. The success of the Corporate Supporter program relies on a strong network of like-minded partners to ensure that these beneficial programs continue to develop.

To join those companies already supporting industry programs, please contact Damian Falkingham on +61 3 9613 7200, New Zealand freecall 0800 103 675 or email Damian Falkingham

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Corporate Supporter and for more information download the full brochure.