Careers in Insurance

You’ve probably never thought much about insurance…

And we’re betting you’ve never thought about it as a career. We think that’s a shame because insurance is one of the most varied, rewarding and exciting careers out there.

People don’t realise that insurance is what helps the world to run. Every part of life has insurance behind it, from the food you eat to the buildings you work in to the homes you live in. It is fundamental to life as we know it. Now imagine working in it.

Below you’ll find the reasons we love working in insurance. Flip through – you’ll be surprised.


It's about people

People are the driving force behind the insurance industry. From getting drought-stricken farmers back on their feet, to supporting a business after a cyber-attack, there are many ways a career in insurance allows you to help those who need it most. Whether it’s at the local or international level, people and relationships are at the heart of insurance.

It’s critical

Insurance is the foundation that helps build the world around us. Without it governments can’t function, banks won’t lend money, homes can’t be built, airlines can’t fly and coffee can’t be poured. Being a part of something so critical to the world is a pretty special thing. Insurers are central players in discussions and developments across the globe. Look at any news headline in the world and there’ll be an insurance story behind it.

It’s diverse and unusual

Unlike most industries, you’re in the driver’s seat with a career in insurance. Instead of going bottom to top, you can move sideways, exploring different fields and roles in pretty much anything that interests you. The industry is enormous and incredibly varied, with jobs to suit every personality type and almost every skill set. If you love helping people, insurance is for you. If you’re the analytical, investigative type, insurance is for you. If exploring new horizons makes you tick, insurance is for you. You get the drift…

It’s global

A career in insurance can take you all over the world. From helping someone with a flooded house in Auckland, to talking about the risks of piracy in the Philippines or investigating the potential of drone technology in San Francisco, insurance professionals find solutions for people all over the world. Insurance is one of the most international industries around – you never know where you might end up.

It’s lucrative

Insurance is a $180bn a year industry — that makes it the biggest part of Australia’s economy, ahead of the mining, construction and manufacturing industries. An industry as important as insurance needs the best people. This means insurance jobs are generally paid better than many other industries.

I love the fact that insurance is people-driven. It’s customer service and people — forget everything else. It’s helping people who’ve suffered a terrible loss, and it speaks to one of my core values of treating others as I want to be treated.