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Management of Specific Risk Exposures

This module builds on: the risk management process, its integration into management, its application at an operational level.

The module also explores techniques and strategies for addressing risks associated with: undertaking projects, events and outsourcing, preserving reputation and financial performance, assessing environmental occupational health and safety (OHS) impacts protecting against fraud.

20 CIP Points
Management of Specific Risk Exposures
AUD $845
Risk Management
12 weeks

What you'll learn

  • Identify specific types of risk that may impact on the management of an organisation’s activities, such as:
    • projects
    • events
    • environment
    • finance
    • information security and fraud
    • occupational health and safety
    • outsourcing
    • privacy
    • reputation
  • Explain the interrelationship of types of risk when managing risk holistically within an organisation
  • Describe how to identify, assess and treat specific types of risk
  • Outline critical issues relating to managing a specific type of risk
  • Identify tools, techniques and strategies for managing exposures to specific types of risk
  • Apply the ISO 31000:2009 risk management process, in simulated and real–world contexts, to addressing and managing exposures to specific types of risk.


BSBPMG415 Apply project risk management techniques

BSBPMG517 Manage project risk

*Note: It is recommended that students study RM504 concurrently with RMBF51 as there is some overlap in the content these modules cover.

Online Assignment

  • Pass Grade: students must be assessed as competent in all assignment questions

Online Exam

  • Pass Grade: 50%
  • Duration: 90min
20 CIP Points
Management of Specific Risk Exposures
AUD $845
Risk Management
12 weeks