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Skills Unit

Personal Injury Case Management

This module examines the role of the case manager and the case management process, the medical environment, the injury management process, and the return to work process. This provides an overview of case management techniques and the medical environment including terminology, basic human anatomy, common injury types and typical duration of treatment.

Students will also learn about dispute resolution processes and negotiation skills, injury management and treatment plans, rehabilitation and return to work plans and rights and obligations of parties to personal injury management claims.

20 CIP Points
Personal Injury Case Management
AUD $1060
Life and Retirement Income
12 weeks

What you'll learn

  • Define common law and the principles of tort
  • Identify the key components of the case management process
  • Describe the link between an injury and the injured person’s ability to return to their pre-injury activities, including work
  • Identify the different expectations of the various stakeholders
  • Describe the case manager’s role in clarifying stakeholder expectations and achieving a successful outcome for all parties
  • Outline the skills required for effective workload management
  • Describe the common personal injuries encountered by the case manager
  • Describe the recommended treatment and estimated recovery timeframes for common personal injuries within all personal injury schemes
  • Describe appropriate responses to requests for treatment of personal injuries
  • Describe and identify potential sources of personal injury risk exposures within workers compensation and CTP contexts
  • Describe some basic techniques to identify personal injury risks
  • Identify three techniques to analyse personal injury risks
  • Rank specified personal injury risks to evaluate existing controls
  • Outline and monitor risk control strategies for managing personal injury risk exposures
  • Identify the parameters of the personal injury system which may affect the services provided to injured persons
  • Utilise organisational and legislative requirements to define the services scope
  • Identify potential limitations and barriers to the provision of services and utilise appropriate techniques to minimise their impact
  • Describe the injury management process
  • Develop appropriate injury management plans for injured persons
  • Describe the necessary personal skills to achieve desired outcomes
  • Describe and implement appropriate processes for the development of a return to work program
  • Describe and implement appropriate processes for the development of a return to health program
  • Monitor and review the return to work or return to health program
  • Identify the typical barriers to return to pre-injury activities
  • Implement strategies for facilitating return to pre-injury activities including work
  • Manage stakeholder expectations and the deployment process
  • Develop and implement a job search plan for injured workers
  • Educate injured workers on job search skills and techniques
  • Match workers’ needs with employer requirements
  • Develop the necessary interpersonal skills to reduce the possibility of a dispute arising and escalating
  • Display an appropriate non-adversarial attitude to the parties in a dispute
  • Negotiate effectively in the course of dispute resolution
  • Employ appropriate communication protocols in dealing with the parties in a dispute
  • Outline the processes and procedures for internal dispute resolution
  • Outline the processes and procedures for taking a dispute to ADR
  • Rescribe the importance of customer service in effective dispute resolution


FNSPIM401 Plan and implement rehabilitation and return to work and health strategies

FNSPIM415 Manage personal injury case loads

FNSPIM501 Develop a return to work or injury management strategy

FNSRSK501 Undertake risk identification


Online Assignment

  • Pass Grade: students must be assessed as competent in all assignment questions

Online Exam

  • Pass Grade: 50%
  • Duration: 90min
20 CIP Points
Personal Injury Case Management
AUD $1060
Life and Retirement Income
12 weeks