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Skills Unit

Communicating and discussing options with clients (New Zealand)

10 CIP Points
Communicating and discussing options with clients (New Zealand)
NZD $270
General Insurance Claims Insurance Broking
5-week Study Period
10 Credit Points

What you'll learn

By the end of this learning pathway, you should be able to:

  • develop appropriate strategies and solutions
  • present appropriate strategies and solutions to client
  • negotiate financial plan, policy or transaction with client
  • coordinate implementation of agreed plan, policy or transaction
  • complete and maintain necessary documentation
  • provide ongoing service where requested by client


FNSASIC302 - Develop, present and negotiate client solutions

Topics Covered

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Your client relationship
  • Identify your client’s needs
  • Your new client — Zac Bellini
  • Activity: Providing financial services

  • Clear Results — retail or wholesale client?
  • Five steps to provide a strategy and solution
  • Identify the client’s needs
  • The importance of effective communication 
  • Gathering information
  • Activity: Obtain information from Zac 

  • The proposal
  • Activity: Obtain information from Zac 

  • Client needs profile and Fact finder
  • Client to complete the proposal
  • Utmost good faith
  • Activity: Utmost good faith

  • Disclosure and misrepresentation
  • Activity: Disclosure and misrepresentation

  • Classify the client
  • Complete the proposal
  • Summary of week 1


Week 2

  • Introduction to week 2
  • Analyse information 
  • Analyse the level of risk
  • Three steps in analysis
  • Complete the proposal
  • Clear Results’ risks 
  • Industry and product knowledge 
  • Your experience and product knowledge
  • Maintaining product knowledge 
  • Product modelling
  • Activity: Product competition

  • Missing information 
  • Specialists
  • Activity: Engaging the right specialist

  • Authority limits
  • Your level of authority
  • Develop and present an insurance strategy and solution
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Consult people and procedures
  • Select the most appropriate product
  • Develop a solution for Clear Results
  • General advice
  • Summary of week 2

Week 3

  • Introduction to week 3
  • Present the quotation
  • Make a recommendation
  • Key requirements when recommending a strategy and solution
  • Explain product terms and conditions
  • Hire car option
  • Explain risks and exclusions
  • Drivers’ declarations
  • Exclusions — a similar scenario
  • Negotiate agreement with the client
  • Client concerns and misunderstanding
  • Avoid misunderstanding
  • Clarify Zac’s concern 
  • Activity: Agreed value

  • Negotiate terms of the quotation
  • Negotiation tips
  • Amend the quotation
  • Confirm client understanding
  • Provide a revised quotation
  • Explain costs and timeframes
  • Disclose fees and costs and confirm understanding 
  • Confirm excess
  • Documents disclosing costs and fees
  • Summary of week 3

Week 4

  • Introduction
  • Finalise the agreed insurance plan
  • Obtain formal agreement 
  • Issue interim cover
  • Issue policy documents
  • Sign relevant documents
  • Clear Results to sign relevant documents
  • Letter of confirmation
  • Maintenance of documentation
  • Complete a file note
  • Provide ongoing service
  • Fees for ongoing services
  • Determine ongoing fees
  • Advise ongoing service fee
  • Ongoing service for Clear Results 
  • Activity: Ongoing services brochure

  • Review ongoing service requirements
  • Summary of the unit


1 Exam and 1 Simulation

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10 CIP Points
Communicating and discussing options with clients (New Zealand)
NZD $270
General Insurance Claims Insurance Broking
5-week Study Period
10 Credit Points