AQF Diploma of General Insurance

The Diploma of General Insurance is designed for insurance professionals with four or more years of experience working in small or large insurance businesses with retail and/or commercial clients.

This qualification is made up of Skills Units which are mapped to the Australian Qualifications Framework and are appropriately contextualised for both the Australian and New Zealand markets, and are internationally portable.

General Insurance
Attain Senior Associate Membership Level

Each unit aims to develop specific technical, analytical and interpersonal knowledge and skills required to:

  • effectively lead a claims or underwriting team
  • manage and settle insurance claims
  • manage the process of analysing and assessing the risks associated with a prospective customer’s insurance policy application
  • prepare and maintain relevant documentation
  • provide quality insurance services to customers.

Insurance professionals can focus on specific areas they wish to develop by taking units as standalone short courses — or, if desired, units can be combined to attain the full Diploma in General Insurance.  

ANZIIF Insurance Qualification

'I found that applying my lessons to my work situation really helped with retaining information. It helps too that the ANZIIF course timeframes are flexible. I found it really easy to fit in study with full time work. ANZIIF courses and exams are very work-from-home friendly, making the impact of COVID minimal.'

- Holly Oberg, Case Manager (New Zealand)

Financial Services Training Package (FNS20) Update

As a result of the FNS20 training package update in 2020, ANZIIF was required to update its qualifications from 3 November 2021. Students who commenced studies between April 2016 – October 2021  should refer to this document for your pathway.  

New students commencing studies from 3 November 2021 do not need to reference the PDF and should follow the prescribed Course Structure below.

Download the FNS20 Transition Pathway

Course Structure

To be awarded the Diploma, students must complete SEVEN compulsory units plus:

  • THREE units choose from Electives
  • TWO units choose from Other

This qualification contains units that are contextualised for New Zealand. These units are denoted by (New Zealand) in the unit name. 

Where there are two units with the same learning outcomes but one is contextualised for a specific region, students in New Zealand should choose the (New Zealand) unit. Students in Australia and the rest of the world should choose the non-New Zealand unit.

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