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Insurance Risk Management Study Course

The Insurance Risk Management Study Course a unique two day, practical study-based, guided learning experience. Participants will immerse themselves into risk management by analysing a case study and presenting their findings to the company director.

10.5 CIP Points

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The study course is primarily targeted at mid-senior level brokers or professionals within broking and insurance business enterprises who work directly or indirectly in insurance. Other professionals who may benefit include:

  • risk managers
  • loss adjusters 
  • lawyers 
  • claims practitioners
  • underwriters
  • service providers
  • risk consultants/engineers

The objectives of the study course are to ensure participants:

  • Can apply the principles of risk assessment and management to make informed decisions on navigating potential risks while managing client assets. 
  • Understand the core drivers of the insurer and use this understanding to provide comprehensive advice and assistance to clients in developing their insurance portfolio.

On completion of the study course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify risks using various techniques
  • Analyse causes of different types of risks using different tools and methods
  • Synthesise information and assessment results to create risk management strategies, solutions, and monitoring approaches that align with organisational goals and objectives
  • Effectively communicate risk analysis, findings, and recommendations to stakeholders 
  • Evaluate effectiveness of risk management strategies, solutions, and monitoring approaches and make recommendations for improvements as necessary
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behaviour throughout the risk management process, including confidentiality, integrity, and respect for diversity and cultural differences.

Participants are encouraged to interact and collaborate and ensure successful peer-to-peer learning and communication. The study course consists of group discussions, activities, self-reflection and all require active participation.

Hear from past participants

The Risk Management Programme exceeded my expectations by providing a comprehensive understanding of risk management beyond insurance. It broadened my perspective and equipped me with valuable knowledge to navigate future conversations around risk. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a holistic approach to risk management.
Throughout the two days I was impressed by the comprehensive content and engaging way it was presented and the opportunity to engage and present ourselves. The facilitators were not only experts but also fantastic educators. They made complex concepts easy to grasp and their real-life examples brought the subject matter to life. 
What stood out to me the most was the interactive nature of the workshop. I had the opportunity to participate in the group discussions and presentation. This hands-on approach allowed me to apply what I learned immediately, reinforcing my understanding.



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