CIP Points

The CIP program requires that ANZIIF CIP members complete and record a minimum of 25 CIP points of professional development activities each calendar year (January to December).

ANZIIF defines professional development (PD) as any activity that is educational and adds legitimate value to your knowledge and skills as a professional.

The CIP Points Allocation Table explains how many CIP points you can earn for the activities you engage in. To organise CIP points accreditation for a non-ANZIIF activity, please complete the CIP accreditation form and return to Customer Service. If the activity that you are looking for isn’t included in the table you can contact our Customer Service team and they will be able to help to ascertain what the CIP value of that PD activity is.

activity cIP points 
Insurance and financial services training (including in-house and face to face)
1 point per hour or
3 points per half-day
Attendance at industry seminars, conferences, workshops or in-house training
1 point per hour or
3 points per half-day
Maximum of 15 points for each activity/event
Completion of online continuing education activities with self-assessment
1 point per hour 
Maximum of 15 points for each activity event. 
Time allocation based on estimated completion time set by service provider
Attendance at breakfast/lunchtime/evening meetings or discussion groups  1 point per event 
Reading of professional literature (including online) or viewing educational media*  1 point per hour
Maximum of 7 points 
Successful completion of a relevant professional AQF award course module 20 points per module 
Successful completion of ASIC RG146 Tier 1 compliance, where two AQF award course modules are completed, excluding by RPL  40 points 
Successful completion of ASIC RG146 Tier 2 compliance, excluding by RPL  10 points 
Preparation and publication of a learned article in a professional journal or online publication  10 points per article
Member of an insurance/financial services industry Board, Council or Committee** 5 points per year, per Committee 
Pro-rata points apply if not a member for a 
full calendar year 
Preparation of notes for presentation* at discussion groups/seminar/conference etc**  1 point per hour or 
3 points per half-day 
Presentation at seminar/training course/conference** etc  2 points per event
(Repeat performances of the same material can not be counted) 
Completion of general professional development activities relevant to your career progression 
(e.g. IT training courses, general management or public speaking programs) 
1 point per hour or
3 points per half-day
Maximum of 10 points for each activity/event 
CPA Foundation Module 15 points per module 
For overseas members Demonstrated compliance with CPD requirements made by industry regulators in the country where you are a resident.
25 points
 * A time log must be kept.
** A combined maximum of 15 CIP points can be claimed for this service-based activity per year. 
The CIP points allocation is subject to regular review and may change from time to time. In the event of a change ANZIIF will honour the most generous point allocation applicable from either the current version, or the version immediately prior.

Recording CIP Points

As a CIP, you are required to keep a record of all PD activities each year so that if you are selected in the random CIP Audit you will be able to show evidence that you have completed the required amount of PD activities.

Evidence of PD can be shown through a record of the activities undertaken, along with documentation including:

  • receipts
  • enrolment records
  • transcripts
  • employer reports
  • certificates
  • attendance lists
  • assessment statements
  • statutory declarations or
  • detailed diary notes.

These records should be kept for at least 12 months after the year in which the activity occurred.

There are a number of ways you can track your PD activities, ranging from the ANZIIF online Learning Portfolio to maintaining a record sheet in Excel. The Account Tools feature on the website also provides you with a live count of your CIP points, based on your online activities.

 account tools drop