CIP Audit

ANZIIF provides an extensive library of technical articles, interactive online activities, a range of professional development events, and courses and qualifications to help members reach their 25 CIP points per year.

ANZIIF conducts a random audit of CIPs (Certified Insurance Professionals) each year to ensure the professional development (PD) requirements of CIPs are being met.

If you are audited

If you are selected for audit you will be asked to provide a copy of your PD activity records for the previous calendar year (January to December) to verify that you have completed the required 25 CIP points.

If you have recorded your PD through the online Learning Portfolio, you need only provide ANZIIF the verifying documents such as receipts, enrolment records, transcripts, certificates, assessment statements or statutory declarations. If you used another method to record your PD activities you need to include that documentation along with your verifying documents.

Unsuccessful audit

If you are audited and have not completed and recorded the full 25 CIP points required in a calendar year, you will have the opportunity to make up the remaining points in the following year.

For example, if you completed and recorded 15 points in the previous year, you may make up the remaining 10 points in the current year. The current year’s requirement would then be a total of 35 points.

If, at the close of the audit year, you haven’t fulfilled the PD activities required under the audit, your name will be forwarded to a CIP sub-committee with a recommendation that your membership level be amended to a non-CIP level (depending on your level of previous education).

To have your CIP status reinstated you will be required to sign a declaration and agree to comply with the professional development requirements.*

For more information on the CIP Audit contact our Customer Service team.
* If your status is reduced to a non-qualified level and subsequently reinstated, you will be automatically audited the following year.