We are not taking new students for the current version of the Certificate IV in Life Insurance (FNS41515) due to the development of the Life Insurance Professional Standards Framework. The updated qualification will be available from late October 2021. Continuing students who are part way through can enrol by contacting Customer Service at [email protected] or phone 03 9613 7200.
Skills Unit

Customer Service for Life Insurance

Provides students with the skills and knowledge to deliver professional services to customers, including responding to enquiries, processing complaints, negotiating sales and maintaining relationships.

20 CIP Points
Customer Service for Life Insurance
AUD $895
Life and Retirement Income
12 weeks

What you'll learn

Upon completion of this section, students should have a knowledge of:
  • project a positive organisational image
  • provide customer service
  • maintain regular communications with customers
  • participate in written and verbal communication
  • establish relationships
  • receive customer feedback
  • maintain customer confidentiality
  • maintain records of customer interaction
  • discuss customer-related business only in the context of the workplace
  • adhere to organisational policies, procedures and codes regarding the handling of customer information
  • comply with relevant legislation and regulation
  • identify a customer complaint
  • process a complaint
  • resolve or refer a complaint
  • document a complaint
  • establish where a dispute exists
  • investigate disputes and determine potential actions
  • resolve disputes
  • refer unresolved disputes to the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • finalise disputes
  • identify customer needs and expectations
  • provide pre-contractual customer service
  • maintain records of customer interactions
  • provide ongoing after-sales support
  • offer additional benefits to customers
  • provide customer service to claimants
  • maintain records of customer interaction
  • inform customers on processes, progress, decisions and any arising delays
  • maintain regular communication with claimants. 


  • BSBCMM301 Process customer complaints
  • FNSCUS301 Respond to customer enquiries
  • FNSCUS403 Deliver a professional service to customers

Online Assignment

  • Pass Grade: students must be assessed as competent in all assignment questions

Online Exam

  • Pass Grade: 50%
  • Duration: 120min
20 CIP Points
Customer Service for Life Insurance
AUD $895
Life and Retirement Income
12 weeks