Enrolments for this unit is currently on hold as it is undergoing updates. We will resume enrolments again in mid-July 2023.
Skills Unit

Communicating and discussing options with clients

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to provide advice on general insurance products.

10 CIP Points
Communicating and discussing options with clients
AUD $440
General Insurance Claims Insurance Broking
5-week Study Period
10 Credit Points

What you'll learn

By the end of this learning pathway, you should be able to:

  • identify the client's needs
  • gather and analyse relevant information to develop appropriate strategies for the client
  • present appropriate strategies and solutions to the client
  • negotiate financial plan, policy or transaction with the client
  • coordinate implementation of the agreed insurance plan, policy or transaction
  • complete relevant documentation to finalise the agreed insurance plan, and maintain necessary documentation
  • provide ongoing service where requested by the client


FNSASIC302 - Develop, present and negotiate client solutions

Topics Covered

Week 1

  • Introduction
  • Your client relationship
  • Identify your client’s needs
  • Your new client — Zac Bellini
  • ASIC compliance
  • Activity: Providing financial services

  • Your role and ASIC training requirements
  • Retail and wholesale clients
  • Retail and wholesale products
  • Activity: Retail or wholesale client?

  • Clear Results — retail or wholesale client?
  • Five steps to provide a strategy and solution
  • Identify the client’s needs
  • The importance of effective communication 
  • Gathering information
  • Activity: Obtain information from Zac 

  • The proposal
  • Activity: Obtain information from Zac 

  • Client needs profile and Fact finder
  • Client to complete the proposal
  • Utmost good faith
  • Activity: Utmost good faith

  • Disclosure and misrepresentation
  • Activity: Disclosure and misrepresentation

  • Classify the client
  • Complete the proposal
  • Summary of week 1


Week 2

  • Introduction to week 2
  • Analyse information 
  • Analyse the level of risk
  • Three steps in analysis
  • Complete the proposal
  • Clear Results’ risks 
  • Industry and product knowledge 
  • Your experience and product knowledge
  • Maintaining product knowledge 
  • Product modelling
  • Activity: Product competition

  • Missing information 
  • Specialists
  • Activity: Engaging the right specialist

  • Authority limits
  • Your level of authority
  • Develop and present an insurance strategy and solution
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Consult people and procedures
  • Select the most appropriate product
  • Develop a solution for Clear Results
  • General advice
  • Summary of week 2

Week 3

  • Introduction to week 3
  • Present the quotation
  • Make a recommendation
  • Key requirements when recommending a strategy and solution
  • Explain product terms and conditions
  • Hire car option
  • Explain risks and exclusions
  • Drivers’ declarations
  • Exclusions — a similar scenario
  • Negotiate agreement with the client
  • Client concerns and misunderstanding
  • Avoid misunderstanding
  • Clarify Zac’s concern 
  • Activity: Agreed value

  • Negotiate terms of the quotation
  • Negotiation tips
  • Amend the quotation
  • Confirm client understanding
  • Provide a revised quotation
  • Explain costs and timeframes
  • Disclose fees and costs and confirm understanding 
  • Confirm excess
  • Documents disclosing costs and fees
  • Summary of week 3

Week 4

  • Introduction
  • Finalise the agreed insurance plan
  • Obtain formal agreement 
  • Issue interim cover
  • Issue policy documents
  • Sign relevant documents
  • Clear Results to sign relevant documents
  • Letter of confirmation
  • Maintenance of documentation
  • Complete a file note
  • Provide ongoing service
  • Fees for ongoing services
  • Determine ongoing fees
  • Advise ongoing service fee
  • Ongoing service for Clear Results 
  • Activity: Ongoing services brochure

  • Review ongoing service requirements
  • Summary of the unit


1 Exam and 1 Simulation

See the Assessment and Academic Calendar pages for more information. 

10 CIP Points
Communicating and discussing options with clients
AUD $440
General Insurance Claims Insurance Broking
5-week Study Period
10 Credit Points