ANZIIF Emerging Risks Webinar

18 Mar 2020
  • Claims
  • General Insurance
  • Insurance Broking
  • Risk Management

This one-hour webinar provides ANZIIF members with valuable content about the emerging risks related to defective building products. 

An engaging and fun experience, the webinar will provide attendees with the opportunity to interact with the facilitator, participate in interactive activities and ask questions.  

Attendees will also receive CIP points and Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the webinar.

To collect CIP points, attendees will need to click the ‘Claim CIP Points Button’ at the end of the webinar.

Facilitator Eoin Lawless has over 30 years’ experience in Insurance as a Claims Manager, Loss Adjuster and Lawyer. 

He has adjusted losses in the Christchurch Earthquakes, Fiji Cyclone and Queensland Floods. 

Lawless is also a Fellow of ANZIIF, a Chartered Loss Adjuster and an Associate of the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ. 

He has a Master of Law degree and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration.

Lawless will cover emerging risks posed by the following defective building products.

• Aluminium Composite Panels  
• Brittle Structural Steel 
• Plasterboard 
• Asbestos 
• Exploding Glass 
• Braided water hoses 
• Lead in drinking water 

He will also discuss potential claims including: 
• Personal injury 
• Property damage 
• Pure Economic Loss 

Litigation arising from Australian defective building class actions will be discussed and comparisons drawn with the New Zealand Leaky Building crisis.

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