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By Anna Game-Lopata — ANZIIF Writer | 14 Aug 2017
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Imagine the possibilities for your career if you won the ANZIIF TurksLegal Claims Scholarship. Well, go for it! Anyone working in the Australian insurance industry with big ideas or a view on claims is eligible. And you might surprise yourself.


‘Winners of the scholarship have increased exposure to a variety of different parts of the industry as a result of their win,’ says Paul Angus, who is on the scholarship essay judging panel and is head of TurksLegal’s General Insurance Practice Group.

‘From having their winning entry published in the ANZIIF Journal to attending the presentation breakfast, going to either one of the conferences that are part of the prize and working with judges of the calibre we have, the exposure can be a real boost to the career of an insurance professional.’

As a result of being the 2016 winner, Jason Courtenay is now continuing to promote discussion about claims as part of the inaugural committee for the soon-to-be-launched Queensland Claims Discussion Group in Brisbane.


‘Jason Courtenay impressed me both on paper and in person with his enthusiasm for claims and ongoing education,’ Angus says.

‘Kevin Nhan, who was the winner in 2014, a year where we had a record number of entries, wrote a really insightful essay into duty of utmost good faith, even though he hadn’t been in the industry that long.

‘It proved what we had been saying for years: that not having worked in insurance for very long is not a barrier to entering — or winning — the scholarship!’


Paul Angus, who has been acting for general insurers for over 21 years in areas from policy and indemnity advice to litigation and dispute resolution, has been on the scholarship essay judging panel since its inception 10 years ago.

‘TurksLegal works every day with insurance professionals at the claims “coalface” and we know how much effort, thought and care claims professionals put into their work,’ he says.

‘I had always felt that the area of claims was one that historically had been a little ignored in regard to thought leadership and in the industry more generally.

‘Claims is the engine room of the insurance industry and has so many great people working in it, so we thought it was a shame that the ideas of these bright-minded individuals weren’t being celebrated.


Angus says as a partner, ANZIIF was an obvious fit for TurksLegal because the ideas about the promotion of education and celebrating those working in the general insurance industry aligned perfectly. 

‘Working with ANZIIF, we set out to address that by establishing an essay competition aimed solely at the ideas and issues confronting general insurance claims,’ he relates.

‘[Former ANZIIF CEO] Joan Fitzpatrick was so enthusiastic and passionate about the idea from the outset and Prue Wilsford has enthusiastically picked up the baton.

‘Prue continues to be an amazing supporter and advocate for the scholarship — as have all the judges and the team at ANZIIF. That we are now in the 10th year of the scholarship is fantastic and a testament to ANZIIF’s ongoing support.’


But what makes a winning essay?

‘I think all of the judges look for an essay that offers interesting insights and opinions, written by an individual who has something to say and who says it clearly and with evidence to back up their argument,’ Angus reveals.

‘It isn’t always the most technical essay that grabs the judge’s attention, but if it is good to read and has something worthwhile to say — a different take on things, a new point of view, some practical suggestion or some original thought on insurance claims — that can be a winning combination.’

Thinking of the winning essays and those in the top few over the years, Angus adds what they had in common was the expression of a view.

‘So, someone with an opinion can do well in the scholarship,’ he says.


In order to keep the scholarship judging process fresh, Angus says each winner is included on the judging panel the following year.

‘We have found [essay winners’] insights and opinions incredibly valuable as we developed questions and assessed the entries,’ he enthuses.

TurksLegal aims to attract great entries across the broad general insurance industry across Australia, have a panel of respected industry experts as judges and maintain a consistently attractive prize.

‘We have achieved all of that over the 10 years of the scholarship and we are so proud to be a part of it.’


  1. Have an opinion, a different take on things, a new point of view, a practical suggestion or some original thought on insurance claims. 
  2. Ask colleagues to give you feedback before submitting your entry. 
  3. Read the tip sheet on writing a winning essay that we publish every year! 
  4. Remember that 100% of people who don’t enter will not win. 
  5. Or, in other words, you’ve got to be in it to win it!
  6. ‘Sometimes, I think, working in claims is so busy and we are so focused on serving our customers that the idea of writing an essay can be a little overwhelming,’ Angus says.

‘BUT I would urge everyone to have a go at least once. Grab a question you are interested in and that you have a view about and get something down on paper.

‘You would be surprised what someone with something to say and a little research can accomplish.’

2017 marks the 10 year anniversary of the ANZIIF TurksLegal Claims Scholarship which supports insurance professionals working in Australia’s general insurance industry by providing a significant career development opportunity.

To enter, entrants are asked to submit a paper (2,500 words max) addressing one of the five topical industry questions in the application form.

Applications open — Monday 14 August 2017

Applications close — Monday 9 October 2017

Winners announced at ANZIIF GI Breakfast — Wednesday 6 December 2017

Image depicts (from left): ANZIIF General Manager Sales & Marketing Meg Brideson, 2016 TurksLegal Scholarship winner Jason Courtenay and Paul Angus, scholarship essay judge and head of the TurksLegal’s General Insurance Practice Group.

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