Webinar: Claims as a Financial Service — What it Means for You

One of the recommendations of the Financial Services Royal Commission was that claims should be regulated as a financial service.

This raises a number of questions for the sector which we look forward to discussing and answering in this session:

  • How can you handle claims ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly'?
  • As someone involved in the claims value supply chain, will you need to hold an AFSL (or have it varied), or become an authorised representative?
  • What obligations will you need to meet and what will the penalties for non-compliance be?

In this webinar, Raj Kanhai, Principal at Finity Consulting joins us to discuss these questions and more. Don't miss this invaluable chance to gain a clear understanding of what led to Financial Services Royal Commission's recommendation, how claims management will be impacted, licensing requirements and your obligations.


At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain how to handle claims ‘efficiently, honestly and fairly’.
  • Discuss the increased obligations from the insurer to ensure claims are regulated as a financial service and identify what the penalties for non-compliance are.


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  • Raj Kanhai

    Finity Consulting

    Raj kanhai_Grayscale_210519

    Raj Kanhai

    Finity Consulting

    Raj is a Principal of Finity Consulting and has worked in senior operational management roles in the insurance industry for 25 years. He is also an experienced senior insurance manager and lawyer with roles in claims operations, training and compliance and dispute resolution.

    Raj has been involved in a number of key projects including policy design, legislative and regulatory change, claims performance improvement and using analytics techniques in claims management.


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9 Sep 2020

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