Webinar: Drone Insurance in a Post-COVID-19 World

The use of drones has been increasing in Australia and around the world across a broad range of applications, from commercial and defence to public sector and civilian.

This increase has been spurred on during the global pandemic as companies and corporations look to replace in-person human interaction and functions with autonomous solutions — but what does the accelerating use of autonomous technology mean for operators, the aviation sector, privacy, and insurers? 

In this presentation you will have the opportunity to engage with Precision Autonomy’s Mark Halverson, Founder and CEO and Simon Hooper, Head of Product, as they discuss the latest developments and solutions in the drone insurance space.

Precision Autonomy is an InsurTech company that specialises in underwriting autonomous devices — starting with drones. They believe the rapid adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and robotic devices is the next big challenge for the insurance industry.


At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the problem with insuring drones and similar autonomous devices.
  • Identify four common drone related exposures.
  • Recognise the vital role insurance will play in the future of robotic devices.


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  • Mark Halverson

    Precision Autonomy

    Mark Halverson_Grayscale

    Mark Halverson

    Founder and CEO
    Precision Autonomy

    Mark Halverson has 25+ years insurance and financial services innovation experience. A Computer Science Engineer, Mark is the alumnus of Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and former Accenture global practice leader for Wealth & Asset Management.

    He was Co-chair of IEEE committee for the Ethical Design of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and has led multiple innovation centers to co-invent human-centered solutions linking corporate, government, NGO and venture communities.

  • Simon Hooper

    Precision Autonomy

    Simon Hooper_Grayscale

    Simon Hooper

    Head of Product
    Precision Autonomy
    Board Member, AAUS (Australian Association for Unmanned Systems)

    Formerly an Aviation underwriter for QBE and before that a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, Simon Hooper has a passion for all things aviation and is a CASA RPAS Licence holder and drone pilot.

    He is now focused on realising the Precision Autonomy mission to accelerate the safe adoption of autonomous technology by providing dynamic insurance solutions - starting with drones.

    Precision Autonomy is Australia’s only pay per minute drone insurer and has a proprietary engine rating for quoting and binding drone insurance online in Australia and the USA.


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2 Sep 2020

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