Webinar: Clearing the Air on Methamphetamine Contamination Claims

Methamphetamine contamination, largely associated with rental properties, may unfortunately be closer than you think. For people unknowingly living in contaminated properties, this can be problematic with potential health impacts. For property owners, it poses a threat to their investment.

From the perspective of insurers this poses several challenges, including risk pricing and offering suitable policies, assessing the validity of claims and identifying fraud, and managing legitimate claims from impacted parties.

Below are some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • What are the problems and is any level and type of methamphetamine contamination problematic?
  • What are reasonable costs for testing and decontaminating a property?
  • How can you determine whether a property is contaminated from manufacturing methamphetamine as opposed to someone using methamphetamine?
  • Do people get sick from living in a property that has methamphetamine contamination?
  • What are the different types of testing used today?

In this webinar, we will hear from Rick Molloy from MTK Group as he helps to demystify meth contamination issues and how these relate to the insurance industry. We will also be joined by Dr Phong from the University of Queensland (UQ), who will introduce some of the research being conducted by UQ and explain the research in residential settings, including why it is important and who is involved.


At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss the different types of contamination and how it may relate to insurance claims
  • Explain how properties are tested and the costs associated with testing
  • Illustrate a basic working knowledge of the Australian National Guidelines
  • Describe the decontamination process and acceptable costs and methods


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  • Rick Molloy

    MTK Group

    Rick Molloy_Grayscale

    Rick Molloy

    Managing Director
    MTK Group

    Rick Molloy is the Managing Director of MTK Group. MTK Group is a major supplier of training, products and testing and decontamination services to community housing groups around Australia helping these organizations reduce their spend on the costs associated with testing and decontamination.

    Rick has spoken at various industry events around Australia on methamphetamine contamination. MTK Group is one of the more respected companies in the methamphetamine contamination space due to their association with local government and evidence-based training programmes.

    Rick has been a keynote speaker for the Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA), the Australian Society of Building Consultants (ASBC) and various other in-house national training events for organisations around Australia.

  • Dr Phong Thai

    The University of Queensland

    Phong Thai_Grayscale

    Dr Phong Thai

    Senior Research Fellow
    The University of Queensland

    Dr Phong Thai is a Senior Research Fellow at Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS), the University of Queensland. He has a keen interest in environmental health and monitoring. Phong joined QAEHS in 2018 after his Fellowship at the International Laboratory of Air Quality and Health, Queensland University of Technology.

    His key research focus involves the application of novel approaches to determine community consumption and exposure to a range of illicit and licit drugs, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Besides this, he is working on projects monitoring emerging environmental pollutants in different matrices. 

    Phong has been awarded several competitive fellowships for his research and has been involved in a number of projects totalling over AU$4 million in funding.


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