Dive In Festival 2019

Research tells us that inclusion is not a one size fits all concept, so understanding how diverse people experience inclusion at work is key to driving impactful change where it matters.  

SURA and Wotton + Kearney, in partnership with ANZIIF and diversity and inclusion expert Dr Jennifer Whelan (Founder and Managing Director, Psynapse Psychometrics), surveyed over 600 people working in the insurance industry on how they perceive inclusion at work. The survey explored issues from leader capability and inclusion practices to flexible work and psychological safety.  

At this year’s Dive In event, Dr Whelan will unpack the insights from this survey and lead a discussion with participants across four key themes where tangible actions will make the insurance and risk industry measurably more inclusive, including:

  • Closing the gender gap in inclusion

  • Enabling more flexible ways of working

  • Better engaging with employees across generations

  • Enhancing leaders’ understanding of their inclusion impact 

Using a practical inclusion model called the Heart, Head and Habits of Inclusion, Dr Whelan and our graphic artist will help participants capture real actions to use across their organisations. 

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25 Sep 2019

  • Grand Hyatt Melbourne
    123 Collins Street, Melbourne
  • 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm (keynote & workshop session), followed by drinks