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ANZIIF is pleased to continue delivering our program of interactive webinars in 2021. This offers you the flexibility to attend a premium ANZIIF program and engage with industry experts from the comfort of your own learning environment.

We are excited to provide a digital solution for your continuing professional development (CPD) needs. You can earn 1 CIP point for each webinar you attend (unless otherwise stated).

Upcoming webinars will cover a wide range of topics, including the latest in policy, regulation reform and leading-edge industry analysis, so you can gain valuable industry insights and knowledge that are directly relevant to your field of work. 

Put on your headphones, open your notepad and prepare your industry related questions for our line-up of experts to discuss. 

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ANZIIF appreciates the input and expertise from industry experts for our professional development programs throughout the year. If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming ANZIIF Webinar, please follow the link below to submit your expression of interest.



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  • 16 JUN | Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Insurance

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    16 JUN | Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Insurance

    Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) what it’s cracked up to be? What is AI anyway, and how is it different from Machine Learning? And how can insurers take advantage of AI?

    Currently there seem to be more questions than answers relating to ‘artificial intelligence’ and insurance.


  • 2 JUN | Business Interruption Test Cases and COVID-19

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    2 JUN | Business Interruption Test Cases and COVID-19

    Following SARS, most insurers and reinsurers started excluding loss arising out of national epidemics from Business interruption (BI) policies. The exclusion is usually by reference to quarantinable diseases notified under the Quarantine Act 1908, which was repealed and replaced by the Biosecurity Act 2015, under which COVID-19 is a ‘listed human disease’.

    Join us for a panel discussion about the issues arising from the BI test cases and appeal to the High Court of Australia and what this means for insurers, loss adjusters and wider community.


  • 26 May | Meet Your Customers Expectations

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    26 May | Meet Your Customers Expectations

    Customer service expectations on insurers have never been higher. Policyholders now expect frictionless sales, service and claims journeys where their loyalty is valued. Keeping up with this increasing expectation requires insurers to think differently. The good news is that the size of the prize is significant, and when done right, insurers can remove costs while increasing throughput and customer and staff experiences.

    Join us on Wednesday 26 May, and hear from Forde Smith, Strategic Insurance Executive - Salesforce Industries at Salesforce and Richard Hatherall, Head of Asia Pacific Customer Strategy & Marketing Practice at Bain & Company as they discuss how insurers are optimising their operations and streamlining business processes.


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  • 17 MAR | Reaching Customers in a Digital Age

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    17 MAR | Reaching Customers in a Digital Age

    COVID disrupted our way of working with one another, shifting corporate culture and emphasising the need to digitise.

    This session is presented by Andy Jamieson, Founder & CEO of Advisr and focuses on redefining customer interactions and empowering your team members to build your brand and drive business growth.


    Special Offer: bring a colleague or friend for free

    As part of the Year of the Insurance Professional initiative, we are excited to offer you a special deal. Anyone registered to attend this ANZIIF webinar can bring a colleague or friend for free.

    Follow the link above to learn more.

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  • 3 MAR | Design and Distribution Obligations

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    3 MAR | Design and Distribution Obligations

    Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) will take effect from October 2021. They will apply to both insurers (as product manufacturers) and insurance brokers (as product distributors).

    This presentation will identify the key concepts that are relevant to insurance brokers. It will cover the key obligations that brokers will need to be aware of and implement within their business operations.


  • 3 FEB | Using AI in Life Insurance Claims

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    3 FEB | Using AI in Life Insurance Claims

    The use of AI to improve customer experience, efficiency and effectiveness has taken off in various industries including throughout general insurance claims. Life insurers on the other hand have been slow to adapt.

    Tune in to this webinar to hear from Kristi Young, Claims Transformation Lead at Resolution Life Australasia who will discuss the potential for AI to improve the claims process for life insurers and their customers, and the implications.