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Tenon is an insurance and government repairs company unlike any other, providing access to practical and innovative solutions that go beyond industry standards. Exclusive to large scale portfolios, Tenon’s work is underpinned by a simple and innovative philosophy - that the best responses are streamlined and unified. With fuss-free repairs, our clients never really feel like they had an issue to begin with, and can operate with effortless ease.

"We have one of the most proactive teams in the industry. Our fixed-rate quoting system means no fruitless callouts or quote confusion. We take pride in the fact that our highly experienced and licensed service team are put to the test and inspired by their work."

We’re interested in anyone who is interested in what we do. We would love to hear about what you could bring to Tenon and how those ideas could continue to shape the repair industry. Submit your interest here: Tenon | Careers