Suzi Leung - Business Made Personal Podcast

BMP Season 2 - Suzi Leung

The pressure placed on Suzi by herself as a young person to study created the conscientious business person she is today.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy to realise her own and her parent’s dreams. In this podcast, Suzi speaks of the challenges of having a family whilst developing a career, being overlooked for opportunities as a young mother, and how she overcame those challenges.

“For (my) family to get on to a rickety boat in the middle of the night and sail across the sea, they’re doing that out of desperation and the want of something better for their children.”


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Meet the host: Mark Silveira

B.Bus (Ins), Cert Mgt

Mark Silveira is an experienced Presenter, Master of Ceremonies and an insurance professional with over 40 years in the business. His understanding of the insurance landscape enables him to ask the pertinent questions of podcast guests to assist those listening to learn from and advance their own careers.

Business Background:

  • Managing Director of The Lionheart Group – consulting service to the financial services sector
  • Head of Sales – TravelCard real-time travel insurance
  • General Manager – Coveright Insurance Brokers
  • National Marketing Director – Steamatic disaster restoration and recovery
  • Chief Executive Officer – AFMA IAAA insurance authorised representative group
  • General Manager – Steadfast insurance broking group