What is A Travel Insurance Broker?

What is Travel Insurance?

There is nothing worse than when things go wrong on a holiday. Unfortunately, some of our holidays are affected by events that are out of our control. Travel Insurance covers you for financial losses which can be caused by a number of unforeseen circumstances.

What can I be covered for?

  • Medical expenses from injury or illness (includes transportation)
  • Cancelled flights caused by weather or airline
  • Terrorist attack in destination city
  • Theft of personal items
  • Loss of luggage

How does a travel insurance broker assist customers?

  • Assists with finding suitable travel insurance policy
  • Manages policy for customer during travel
  • Direct contact with insurer
  • Breaks down policy for customer - service
  • Specialist in specific cover types

What makes a good broker?

Clarity: Make sure you're clearly communicating full details of policy and payment. It's important that the customer knows exactly what their policy covers, and the costs!

Professionalism: A good Travel Insurance Broker should be able to help the customer with all queries about the policy

Accredited: Every registered broker is required to have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFS). Having a Diploma of Insurance will validate your experience and credibility to the customer