4 tips for staying motivated in a job

How to stay motivated in a job that doesn't align with your career path

Sometimes the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves and our career can bring on elevated stress levels. Are you working in a job that doesn't fit your career aspirations? If your answer is yes, it's important that you remain positive and constantly remind yourself of your overall career goals. Here are 4 useful techniques you can use to stay motivated at work. 

Mental Visualisation

It's easy to mentally beat yourself up over not being where you want to be. In most cases, your dream job will never be your first. This is why it's important to remain patient, and to recognise your goals and the steps you will take to achieve them. 

If you're currently studying to complete a qualification or preparing for a job interview, we recommend spending 10-15 minutes a day visualising the best version of yourself, and your ideal career.

Mental Visualisation is a common technique used by sports stars, actors and entrepreneurs. Former Manchester United football star Wayne Rooney used Mental Visualisation to physiologically prepare for matches.

'Part of my preparation is I go and ask the kit man what colour we're wearing – if it's red top, white shorts, white socks or black socks. Then I lie in bed the night before the game and visualise myself scoring goals or doing well. You're trying to put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself, to have a 'memory' before the game. I don't know if you'd call it visualising or dreaming, but I've always done it, my whole life.' - Wayne Rooney [ESPN]

Build good bridges

Even if you're not enjoying your current workplace, try to make connections with like minded employees that hold similar goals and values. Who knows, a career opportunity could arise through relationships you've established with past employees, and even customers!

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Leave your legacy

Work ethic and character are two of the most important attributes to possess in the workplace. Even if you're not enjoying your place of work, displaying eagerness to complete tasks to a high level won't go unnoticed.

These two attributes undeniably go hand in hand, and can often be the difference when being offered a promotion, or being recruited externally.

Maintaining these attributes will help you avoid picking up bad habits in the workplace, and will keep you motivated at work and in life.


Look the part

There's more to 'looking the part' than just a good fashion sense.

While it is important to 'dress for the career you want, not the one you have', your attitude in office meetings and verbal conversations are just as important.

As well as mentally visualising your dream career, present yourself as the person you want to become. Combining these visual and internal tactics can assist with your personal growth, and career aspirations.