Why you should have an online portfolio

Thought about creating an online portfolio but unsure of the benefits? If there is one aspect of an online presence that anyone should create, it's an online portfolio. An online portfolio can come in especially handy for job seekers who, when applying for a new job, have another resource that can not only strengthen their application, it will also aid in demonstrating your skill and ability for the position.

Read on to find out four reasons why you should create an online portfolio.

It adds value to a job application

An online portfolio can act as an extension of your job application by allowing you to market yourself beyond the confines of a resume or cover letter. It allows you to show examples of your work, you abilities and your creativity that you may not necessarily be able to communicate as effectively in words. To ensure you are adding value to your job application through your online portfolio, try to ensure the folio captures your best work and strongest skills while showing diversity in channels used e.g.writing examples, presentations, video content and imagery.

Increased visability

Creating an online portfolio increases your exposure to potential employers and HR Managers. Your job search is all about marketing yourself and an online portfolio is one of those tools that will help you accomplish that task.

HR Managers will generally do a search of an applicant online to find out a little more about them. An online portfolio increases your visibility and accessibility to potential hiring managers and as you have created the profile, only the most current, accurate and professional information is available.

An online portfolio is a great place to store all your professional documentation and information. As it's online, this documentation can easily be shared at late notice and is accessible anytime. It also serves as a backup for these materials should anything happen to the original documents.


An online portfolio can also be used as a tool to assess your own skills and professional growth. Having all your professional documents and work in the one place allows you to see what you have accomplished, your strengths, weaknesses and identify any areas that may need to be improved.