The Importance of Networking

Let’s face it: networking isn’t always at the top of our to-do list after a busy week of study.

However, we should never discount the importance of networking. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new job or looking to be promoted in your current role, networking is an essential part of how you advance your career.


Networking involves building relationships and using personal, professional, academic or family contacts to assist with the search for a new job, reaching career goals, obtaining a promotion and gaining insight into your profession or industry.

There are many benefits to networking such as securing new roles, getting promoted, receiving career advice from those with similar experiences and getting a foot in the door at a company where you may be wanting to work.

The future opportunities that can come from networking are endless. Networking is mutually beneficial in terms of help, advice and business growth.


A strong and expansive network can be vital to your professional success as it offers insight into trends as well as insider information on job openings and movement within other companies. It can also motivate you to start your own business as a strong network can provide great support in terms of knowledge, advice and customers.

A recent report from LinkedIn highlighted how important networking is to securing a job and growing your career. The report found:

  • 70 per cent of people in 2016 were hired by a company where they had a connection
  • 80 per cent of professionals believe networking is a contributor to career success
  • 61 per cent agreed that regular online interaction with their network can help lead to possible job opportunities
  • 35 per cent of professionals advised that casual conversation on LinkedIn resulted in a new opportunity.


After attending a networking event, make sure you stay connected with those that you meet. If possible, collect business cards from those you have connected with and keep their details. If you feel comfortable, contact them shortly after meeting them and discuss what you spoke about at the event while it is still fresh in your mind.

Starting a conversation, building dialogue and creating trust is all part of building and strengthening your network.

You never know — one of those conversations could lead to your next job.