It is an industry that has an infinite amount of possibilities

'It is an industry that has an infinite amount of possibilities so long as you are prepared to work towards them.'

About Tim Kasem

I am a qualified insurance professional with experience in managing claims on behalf of domestic and international insurers. I have been working in insurance and related industries for almost 10 years having previously held positions with Ansvar Insurance Limited and Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers.

I currently work for Proclaim, a long standing and reputable third-party administrator who acts on behalf of an insurer and corporate entities to manage a portfolio of claims which can relate to personal injury, property damage and destruction and pure financial loss.

I obtained a degree in Law and Business whilst also being admitted to the legal profession in Victoria.

I also hold an insurance qualification, Certificate in General Insurance, with the Australian Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF).


My current role is varied and exciting! I manage claims for insurers who are based within the Lloyds of London and London Markets who write business in Australia.

The claims I manage arise from a variety of different industry sectors, are often complex and involve a significant degree of financial loss to the insurer concerned. My job is to ensure that the claim runs smoothly from its first notification until the claim is settled.

I manage many stakeholder relationships, ensure my client's risk exposure is kept to a minimum and proactively represent the interests of my clients.

How did you get started in the insurance industry.

Prior to accepting a role within insurance, I spent a significant amount of time working within a legal firm which specialises in workers compensation matters and employment law.

After I had graduated, I was looking for some legal work and I had noticed that it had become increasingly difficult to obtain a position as there were limited positions available. After searching for quite some time, I spoke to a recruitment agent who suggested that roles may exist for a person with a legal qualification working in a claims department as a liability claims administrator.

After a period of time, a role became available and I was successful in obtaining that position. From there, the rest is history... I continued to acquire skills and knowledge which propelled me through the industry.


Our industry is always changing and no matter where you may be, there will always be somewhere to work, whether your skills may be in the legal, finance and accounting, engineering, or even data science.

Depending on your outlook, our insurance industry can have a positive impact on the lives of members of the public as insurance can guard against unforeseen events and can protect the livelihoods of our insureds. That is a very motivating factor for me.

I always enjoy coming to work and not knowing what sort of interesting matter will hit my desk! It may be a slip and trip in a supermarket, an assault in a licensed venue or a mining accident in a coal mine.

Lastly, the benefit of working in a great industry is having the opportunity to work with great people. So far, I have forged many longstanding relationships with a number of inspiring people who make coming to work all the more enjoyable.

What five key skills do you think someone needs to work in claims?

  • Resilience and adaptability - you will sometimes deal with complex matters and hard conversations. The industry will continue to evolve and so must you.
  • Communication skills - to effectively communicate with all of the stakeholders you will deal with on a daily basis
  • Investigative skills - have a keen eye for detail and an interest in fact finding
  • Lateral thinking - the ability to look at things from a different perspective
  • Confidence - the ability to make a decision, stick with it and have it backed up with your acquired technical knowledge.


  • It is an industry that has an infinite amount of possibilities so long as you are prepared to work towards them
  • The industry is constantly changing and there are opportunities where you can change it
  • If you are keen to enter the industry get in touch with someone like a recruiter or an industry professional to find out how to get involved.