Dancing to the beat of insurance

Amy Samarcq

Meet Amy Samarcq, a social butterfly, dancer, gym junkie and an insurance broker for Steadfast Brecknock.

So what is an insurance broker exactly?

Think of an insurance broker as a middleman between the client and the insurer. The broker is responsible for helping both parties get the outcome they want.

For Amy, there isn’t one boring or repetitive part of her job. 

Every day is different — from handling insurance for a successful business to dealing with someone’s pride and joy: aka their vehicle.


A dancer since she was five, Amy fell into her broking career by chance. Actually, she thought she wanted to be a primary school teacher.

She was looking for a receptionist job during her gap year after studying teaching when she landed an admin job in an insurance broking firm — even though at the time she had no idea what an insurance broker was.

Amy was really enjoying her job in the industry so when she was offered the opportunity to progress after only a few short months, she went for it. 

By then she’d pretty much realised that being a primary school teacher wasn’t for her and decided to study insurance instead.

‘Most people say you fall into insurance and this was the case for me, However, nearly ten years later I have never looked back.’


Amy finds her work truly rewarding, especially when she has found exactly the right cover for a client or handled a claim for people going through tough times.

‘You are responsible for insuring the things that are important to your everyday person’s life, like their car, phone or laptop.’

Being quite a social person, Amy also enjoys the conferences, events and networking opportunities she gets from her work.

She says the most surprising thing about working in insurance would have to be all the different career paths you can take.

‘There are so many insurance companies and niche markets that whatever you’re interested in there’s a company around for it.’

Working in insurance has also opened Amy’s eyes to events that happen nationally and globally.

‘Behind every storm, fire, car accident, house break-in, there is insurance to support people in trouble.’


Amy also loves the routine of working a stable nine-to-five job because it gives her time for the activities she is passionate about like boxing, dancing and keeping fit. 

Having a social life is important to her so she loves the fact her career gives her time to catch up with friends and spend quality time with her partner.

Amy highly recommends anyone who is thinking about working in insurance should ‘go for it!’

The insurance industry offers you choice, support, guidance and training. 

‘It provides the opportunity to start with the smallest of jobs and work your way up to senior and management roles, even at a young age.’

Even with so many occupations changing because of technology and the move to digital, we will always need insurance.