PARIMA-ANZIIF Certified Risk Professional


In a dynamic and complex world, the role of risk assessment and need for risk and insurance professionals is increasingly important. ANZIIF, in partnership with the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association (PARIMA), offers a certification allowing risk professionals to demonstrate their knowledge, professionalism and expertise within the risk and insurance profession. The program has been designed by senior risk professionals for risk professionals.


Written by risk professionals, the syllabus covers many topics that relate to the daily duties of today’s risk specialists. The course takes a holistic approach to risk management and focuses on many valuable topics, including risk financing and risk treatment. PA-CRP offers online training for all five modules to support candidates throughout the program to successfully complete the qualification.


The candidates will complete a 125 question multiple-choice examination. Upon successful completion the candidates will be issued with a joint PARIMA-ANZIIF Certified Risk Professional (PA-CRP) certificate.

The examination will be based upon the following five modules:

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Risk Treatment and Financing Practices
  • Risk Management Framework and Documentation.


Individuals will apply through PARIMA, who will then determine if they are eligible to undertake the certification.

To be eligible for the PA-CRP, candidates must meet specific education and work experience requirements. To find out more about PARIMA’s eligibility criteria, visit PARIMA’s PA-CRP Requirements page.

Approved candidates will then be contacted by ANZIIF to enrol and nominate a specific exam date.

Study periods run monthly, beginning the last Thursday of each month.

Candidates will complete the exam (with an ANZIIF-approved exam supervisor) and upon successful completion the candidate will be issued with the PARIMA-ANZIIF Certified Risk Professional (PA- CRP) certification.