Strive—Lead & Inspire Luncheon

The business world is fast, furious, constantly changing and incredibly competitive. We're busy ticking off our to-do lists, busy hopping from meeting to meeting, busy trying to meet client expectations and busy dealing with the hundreds of emails that land in our inbox each day. The world is busy and that's not going to change. So how do you make busy work for you?

Join us at ANZIIF's Strive—Lead & Inspire Luncheon where Julie Hyde will challenge your thoughts on busy and, help you understand the true perception of busy, what it’s costing you and how you can ensure you’re making busy work for you.

Julie has over 25 years’ experience, insight and knowledge and is all about empowerment and challenging the status quo. Julie believes that behind every great company is a great leader, and behind every great leader is a great team. The more successful the leader, the more successful the enterprise, and the stronger the business is as a result.

Join Julie and fellow peers for an afternoon of connecting and networking held over a two-course lunch.

This event is proudly supported by the ANZIIF Women's Council.

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