Certified Insurance Professionals

ANZIIF’s CIP (Certified Insurance Professional) Program sets the standard of professionalism for the insurance and financial services industry.

CIPs are insurance professionals who ensure the best standards of professional practice and integrity through the attainment of an ANZIIF qualification or recognised equivalent, the maintenance of up-to-date technical skills and knowledge through a program of professional development and the adherence to the ANZIIF Code of Ethics. If you want to know more about the CIP Program, view the CIP Program FAQs.

To ensure that CIP level members represent the best standards of professional practice and integrity, CIP status requires you to accumulate 25 points of professional development per year to keep skills up-to-date. You can easily keep track of your professional development points via the CIP Point Register.

The Affiliate level of membership recognises the levels of education and knowledge that are required and regulated in each area that ANZIIF operates. In Australia the criteria for entry into the Affiliate level is successful completion of ASIC Compliance (Tier 1 or 2) and in Hong Kong the Insurance Intermediaries Qualifying Examination (IIQE). An Affiliate is a Certified Insurance Professional qualified membership level. Visit the CIP section to learn more about what it means to be a Certified Insurance Professional. Affiliates have access to the ANZIIF (Aff) CIP post nominal.

Why become a CIP?

Being a CIP is invaluable to your insurance and financial services career and CIP status is a requirement for employment and career progression in many insurance companies.

CIP status also provides a tool for Australian financial services professionals to demonstrate that they are maintaining compliance with ASIC RG 146 and for professionals in Hong Kong and Singapore to demonstrate that they are meeting their continuing professional development requirements in their country.

What’s more, becoming a CIP means that you receive a range of ANZIIF membership benefits to assist you in your career and professional development.

CIP membership levels

Each of the CIP membership levels reflects the different levels of qualification and experience of ANZIIF members.

CIP membership Levels
CIP Level
Eligibility Post Nominal
Fellowship is the most prestigious level of membership and is granted to insurance professionals who have completed post-graduate qualifications in financial services and have strong technical knowledge of, and experience in, the industry.
Senior Associate
Senior Associate membership is granted to financial services professionals who have completed an insurance/finance qualification equivalent to the ANZIIF Diploma level.
ANZIIF (Snr Assoc) CIP
Associate Associate Membership is granted to financial services professionals who have completed an insurance/finance qualification equivalent to the ANZIIF Certificate IV level or any other recognised education requirement (AII Life or GI Affiliateship). ANZIIF (Assoc) CIP

Become a CIP

If you want to know more about becoming a CIP, download the CIP membership booklet or talk to our Customer Service team team today.