Why the ANZIIF Solution

In partnership with the ICA, ANZIIF have developed three interactive and engaging learning solutions to ensure you can demonstrate excellence in customer care. 

  • A personalised learning solution with recognition of existing knowledge through an upfront assessment to potentially allow ‘Fast Tracking’. Staff need only complete what they don’t know, which reduces the impact on productivity.
  • Interactive online course available anytime, anywhere with syncing across all devices. Staff can pick up from where they left off.
  • Short sharp modular learning broken into 5-10 minute blocks.  
  • All training records are kept within our centralised database and can be readily supplied in multiple formats and frequency for your own records.
  • Dedicated customer service support to your staff. Our team also follow up on any non-completions.
  • ANZIIF is offering a three year training agreement which will include annual refresher training for your staff, plus any major updates to the Code within the year.

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