ANZIIF Skills Units Assessment

Newly developed ANZIIF Skills Units expand the training opportunities available to insurance professionals and allow them to focus on the areas of business they wish to develop.

With the flexibility to study where and when best suits, units are delivered online and are five (comprising four weeks of learning and one week of assessment per unit) or seven weeks long.

ANZIIF Skills Units can be taken as standalone short courses or, if desired, combined to attain a formal qualification, such as the Diploma of Insurance Broking.

For more information, see our FAQs.


Units are built around case-based interactive scenarios that are directly applicable to the workplace. At the conclusion of each unit, learning is assessed through an exam and the application of knowledge to real-world scenarios that reflect situations commonly experienced by insurance professionals.


The exam will run for approximately 90 minutes for five-week ANZIIF Skills Units, and approximately 135 minutes for seven-week units, and consists of two parts.

  • Part A: Multiple choice questions
  • Part B: Application questions (complex multiple choice)

All exams are taken online at the student’s place of work with an approved exam supervisor and are ‘open resource so students are able to refer to the online unit and any hard copy notes.

N.B.: If students cannot complete the exam at their workplace or find an appropriate exam supervisor, they can contact for further instructions.

Students will be advised of where to find the exam and how to log on via email prior to their exam date. It is therefore important for students to ensure their contact details are correct and up to date.

View all exam dates via the Skills Units academic calendars


All exams are to be taken at the student’s place of work with an exam supervisor. The following members of your organisation can act as exam supervisors:

  • human resources, training, or learning and development managers
  • current qualified ANZIIF members
  • workplace managers

N.B.: Exam supervisors must be pre-approved by ANZIIF, and cannot be a current student, direct manager, direct colleague, or a friend or family member. Exams completed at a workplace can be undertaken at any time throughout the exam day. 


Practice questions and activities are available in the Study Centre to assist students in preparing for their exam. An online discussion forum is also available in the Study Centre so students can ask study-related questions.


Students can access all online material in the applicable Skills Unit, and their own notes during the exam.


Case-based interactive scenarios challenge students to apply the knowledge they have gained during the four-week course to real-world scenarios that reflect situations that are commonly experienced by insurance professionals.

Students will come across various situations that require a decision to be made to continue through the scenario. Students are given a number of different options to choose from and, depending on their choices, will complete the scenario with either a positive or negative result. The aim is for students to navigate the scenario until they achieve the best overall outcome.

The assessment strategy centres around decision-making, because being able to make good decisions demonstrates that students have gained the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they require to be successful in their positions, organisations and careers. Students will also encounter the consequences of their less-than-ideal decisions, which is particularly important in areas where there is more than one correct answer.

Students completing five-week units will generally need to complete one case-based interactive scenario and those completing seven-week units will generally need to complete two scenarios.

Students will be able to access the case-based interactive scenario/s from the time they start the applicable ANZIIF Skills Unit, and can attempt completion as many times as they need to, up to the due date. Completed scenarios are due one week after the exam.


Assessment results will be available on the advertised result release date of the applicable study period. 

Students will be posted an official Statement of Attainment two weeks after the study period ends. This statement will include:

  • a list of the national competencies covered in the module, to assist students with credit into and recognition for further study
  • Exam Part A mark out of 100%
  • Exam Part B and the Scenario(s) grade (‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’)
  • the overall module result according to the below table.




Competency Achieved (Pass)


Competency Not Yet Achieved (Fail)






If you are unsuccessful in any component of your assessment, you are able to re-enrol at a discounted fee to complete the Unit again. This discounted fee is available provided you re-enrol in a study period that commences within 6 months from your initial study period’s result release date.

If you are eligible to re-enrol, complete and return the 7 week Re-Enrolment Form or 5 week Re-Enrolment Form to the Customer Service Team