ANZIIF Skills Units FAQ

What Skills Units are available?
Available Skills Units can be found at

When will my Skills Units be available?
Skills Units will be rolled out continuously throughout 2016 and 2017. We will be announcing Skills Units as they launch.

How do I enrol in units?
Simple. Find the unit you would like to enrol in via the ‘Study Pathways’ section at and click ‘Enrol’. You may purchase a unit yourself or send your shopping cart to the appropriate person in your company to complete the transaction.

What if I am already studying with ANZIIF?
The world is your oyster! You have the option of continuing your study via the traditional mode of study or moving over to the new Skills Units to complete your qualification. 

Will you still offer semester-style traditional courses?
We believe that the future of education is changing, and our goal as an education institute is to always provide the best quality education for industry — whatever that may look like in the future. For that reason, while we will continue to offer traditional study offerings in the short term, we are planning a complete transition of all traditional study to skills offerings in 2017.

Are units AQTF approved?
Skills Units relevant to qualifications are mapped against national competency standards as found in the relevant training packages of the AQTF. 

Does doing one solution or pathway exclude staff from another?
The great thing about Skills Units is that the combination they are studied in is highly flexible. While you may study at random or along a particular pathway, this does not preclude you from attaining any of the benefits of other pathways. For instance, it is possible to reach a certain membership level, gain an ANZIIF Certificate and earn a Diploma at the same time! Our solutions are merely guides to help with your thinking on why and what you might study.

What if I already have experience?
If you have been in the industry for some time, you can simply skip the foundation-level Skills Units and begin learning at the level applicable to you. Moreover, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) a process that will allow you to gain credit for past experience and help you to attain an ANZIIF Certificate or AQTF qualification. Please visit for more information.

Why are you moving away from traditional learning?
Consultation with industry has highlighted a disconnect between traditional learning and the needs of industry employers. Consistently, employees are finding that they do not have the skills and measurable capabilities employers want. Current courses in the market are generic and don’t provide specific insurance skills at the level of quality required. 

New ways of learning, like Skills Units, enable us to provide you with the skills your employers want, plus the interactive nature of the units themselves enables you to apply those learnings directly to your work. A win-win for you and your bosses.

Why do you call yourself a career partner when you are an education provider?
While it is true that ANZIIF is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are also a membership body and partner to industry. In Australia and New Zealand for over 130 and 80 years respectively, we have worked within the insurance industry to promote sustainability and quality. More than just an education provider, we want to make a difference to the industry and to your career by working with you to understand your needs at every stage of your career path.

Who can I talk to about studying?
If you would like to talk to someone about studying at ANZIIF, please contact our Customer Service Team on +61 3 9613 7200 (New Zealand free-call 0800 103 675) or visit