Customer Service Charter

ANZIIF is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers and to ensure that this occurs we always operate in accordance with the following charter: 

  • We value each customer and treat them with respect and dignity 
  • We communicate clearly and in terms that are easily understood 
  • We are solution orientated and work with our customers to address any issues 
  • We provide accurate and reliable information about our services and products 
  • We take ownership and seek to resolve all customer enquiries at the initial point of contact. If this is not possible we will ensure that the enquiry is appropriately followed up and resolved. 
  • We respond to all customer queries within three business days by phone or in writing  
  • If a query requires further advice or information, we will endeavour to resolve the matter within five business days. If additional time is required to bring the matter to a sufficient resolution we will provide regular progress reports 
  • We value customer feedback and comments and use these to make improvements to our services and products 
  • We ensure that all personal information is kept secure and confidential.